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Top FEI Dressage Pony for sale

• Name: Dallas IV

• Breed: German riding pony

• Date of birth: 2009

• Sire: Dressman

• Dame sire: Donatelli

• Gender: Gelding

• Height: 1,48m

• Price cat. 4

Dallas is a Top FEl dressage Pony with three good gaits, his highlights are the canter and walk. He has a lot of good controllable energy, which you can ride the trot well. He is very easy to handle and also very uncomplicated in dealing. He's always relaxed and a real gentleman.

He impresses not only by his appearance, but also with his character. His character is made out of gold, he's always trying his very best for his rider. He's always up to new

adventures and never lets you down.

He competed at all important international competitions such as Aachen Youngstars 2018 & 2019, Hagen Future Champions 2019 & 2021, CDIOP Saumur, CDIP Compiegne, CDIP Ornago, etc... with scores up to 75%, winning three times in a row the swiss championships from 2018-2020, vice swiss champion 2021, had several wins at national level up to 76%, took part at the FEI European championships 2019, 2020 and ended up as the 12th best pony from Europe in the finals. He was also nominated for the EC 2021 but couldn't take part because his rider had an accident 2 weeks before heading off. In the end of 2021, he was the 11th best pony on the FEI World ranking list.

His current rider, Robynne Graf, is 16 years old and moves now on to the juniors, this is why we look for a new amazing home for this superstar!

He's the perfect schoolmaster for a young ponyrider who wants to start in the FEl-classes

Dallas is healthy and recently did a good vet-check just a few weeks ago.

More Informations on this website: Verkaufspferde

Instagram: robynne.graf_

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